4G for home and useless support from t-mobile

  • 1 januari 2021
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Here we go again. Few months back I reported that my connection was braking down regularly. All help that I get was to report it to the outages map which I did many times, you did nothing. Problem is still present and I talked with your useless customer service like 20 times.

Let me give you all information that u need.
I know my reception is bad but my router have 4/5 signal bars and usually I get 20mbit/s download with 20ms latency. It’s bad but good enough.
I’m using my own router but it’s not first one with the same problem and my settings are correct with apn set to fms without username and password.
Many times a day internet just stops working but my signal is still the same. Usually I’m just waiting for it to come back or rebooting my router which does nothing.

Last time I called your support I asked if they can send a technician over to check signal strength, router settings, find best place for it or show me that magic chinese router that you selling will fix my problem but no. All I got was confirmation that my router settings are correct over a phone call. The next day I received an email informing me that my coverage is bad and my 2 years of struggle are worth 8 euro discount of my subscription and guess what. Discount is not there and sending a technician which I asked for wasn’t even an option.

As I wrote last time it’s my only option where I live that’s why I’m even your client (unsatisfied and ignored). If my “coverage” is so bad why I’m getting almost full signal no matter if my internet is working or not? Why I have to look into posts from ten years ago to try fix that? Why is your idea of business, bouncing client back and forward.

Let me tell you something. When I open my t-mobile app you know what I see? I see an ad about t-mobile covering entire netherlands with 4g signal or that 5g is here even that it’s not and one of your salesman told me that implementation of that will take few years. What I don’t see is my “aanvullen” option which take minutes to load and even after I wait half the time it sees that app is not working not even giving me a link to website version of “aanvullen”. Guess how long it takes with 0mb to load this site, log in, load status and use it with stupid letters puzzle to confirm I’m not a robot. I am not, do you?

So I’m not looking for solution because I know you don’t have one, I’m not looking for help because I won’t get it. I want to inform you how disappointed I am in your performance especially in this times when so many things are done via internet. I can’t wait to move somewhere where your useless services won’t be needed ever again. Also believe me that every “useless” that I wrote is a placeholder for more suitable words but it’s a public forum and most of people are civilized. I hope you will lose a lot of clients in this new year.

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Hi @Sokraal 

I feel bad to read about your experience with us. This is not the service that we stand for. I looked into your case and see that you had trouble with a slow signal. The technicians have looked into your situation and the only solution is the one they have offered in an e-mail. I wish there was another solution, but we’re also depended on the signal in your area. 

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience! 

Exactly as I wrote, useless. You “looked” at my case. There is nothing to look for. Do you want me to send how my signal parameters looks like? Because I checked them and according to your information on that all of them indicate good strong signal. So what gives? Last time I checked your towers ain’t rotating or changing place what could cause signal strength to change. Is my signal depending on position of secret satellite that have to be over my head for internet to work?

Answer me this one question and do it with actual care. Why my good strong connection (that as you suggest is bad at my location) is failing randomly 10 times a day when my router still shows good connection to your network (which means that I’m still connected with good signal but ain’t getting any data?

I might not be a network technician but for me same internet connection with same signal strength is not failing because I have a bad connection. Isn’t that obvious that issue is with your network not with my hardware or location? I don’t need a PR of your company to tell me the same thing every time from a book of how to deal with complains. Never in my life I paid somebody so much money for something so worthless.