Not getting customer care support for prepaid mobile internet connection | Highly disappointed

  • 27 August 2021
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Well I bought a new prepaid T-moible sim card from a shop nearby. A T-mobile customer care representative had already given me an SMS activation code for an unlimited internet for a week.


This morning I followed the procedure and got a message from T-mobile that 
Beste klant, de T-Mobile Thuis 7 Dagenbundel is eenmalig geactiveerd. Je internetgebruik gaat 7 dagen lang niet uit je abonnement. Je ontvangt een sms wanneer deze bundel is afgelopen. Groet, T-Mobile


However, till now internet is not activated. Sadly enough, when I contacted customer care through chat, I was transferred between three departments (home, mobile and something else) for 8 times and believe it not, none gave a solution. Customer care through their phone line was more horrible. I was waiting in their waiting list for a while and was abruptly disconnected.

Did anyone of you also face similar issue in the past? How did you get it solved?


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Hi @Udhaya,

I’d like to figure this out and make sure you can use the internet as soon as possible! 

Is there any PrePaid credit active on the sim card? In order to use a PrePaid sim card there should always be a buffer of 1 euro, to ensure a connection. Also, have you checked the settings for your mobile internet on your phone? I can’t check what my colleagues have checked with you earlier on, since I don’t have access to your account, so perhaps you have already checked these possible solutions. 

If you want, you can send me a private message with your phone and sim card number, so I can check everything on our end and ensure that everything is in order for you to use your PrePaid sim card. Let me know if you need any further assistance!