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  • 16 November 2021
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Good morning,

I'd like to terminate only my house internet contract. Since I'm moving in a new place only by (probably) March 2022, I cannot transfer the contract directly to my future new location.

Thank you


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Good afternoon @paolo.tran, congratulations on your new home! We'd love to move alongside of you, is that an option? You'll be able to acquire awesome discounts which we can offer new customers with an all-in-1 package! If being part of the move isn't an option, there are two scenarios:

1. Your subscription is still within the annual contract We require a proof of relocation to terminate a subscription within an annual contract. A proof of moving is an official document. It can be an end of your rental contract from the landlord or a buyer's contract from an owner-occupied home. It can also be a rental or purchase agreement from the new address. Finally, we also accept a certificate of registration from the municipality (BRP). Can you please send one of the above documents to us?

2. Your subscription is outside the annual contract We don't need additional information to terminate a subscription outside the annual contract. I can cancel the subscription for you with a one month term of notice.

If you'd add us to the moving list, that would be great! The most important thing is to check if a new subscription is possible at your new address: Because we request a new internet-line for you, we want to know this at least four weeks in advance. In the meantime, we can arrange everything for you, so that you are well-connected to your new address. Provide your zip codes, your move date and possible changes to your package immediately.

In all cases I need the following information from you:

- Zip code and house number

- Date of birth

- Last four digits of your bank account number

- The contract termination date

Please let me know what I can do. I'd be more than happy to help. Good luck with the move!

P.s. please send me the information via private message, that way we’ll be sure not to add personal information to a publicly visible topic! 😊

This is the mail I received as official termination notice of my rental agreement.

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Hi @paolo.tran, thanks so much, this definitely helps! I'll make sure to terminate your contract from the 30th of November onward, is that okay?

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Hi @paolo.tran, can you please confirm the termination date (November 30th)? Thanks so much! 😊

Yes, I confirm that!

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Awesome, then it's set in stone: your contract will be terminated on November 30th and will expire on that day. Thanks for getting back to me and have an amazing week! 😁