SIM niet geconfigureerd

I just put my new SIM in my new phone, but it says it is not configured so I can not use it. What should I do ?

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Did your subscription already started?
Thanks to your question, I now noticed that my contract mentionned : Ingangsdatum op datum Nummerbehoud. I indeed need to sort this out first. Thank you for your quick help.
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Good evening @cecileg
If you have received a SIM card, you can easily activate it yourself in your account!

The problem is that I can not create a T-mobile account without my SIM card being active...
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Hi Cecile,

Can you send me a private message with your 06-number, sim-card number, name, birth-date and address? I would gladly help you!
Thank you for your message, my issue was solved today at Tmobile in Den haag.