Mobile network issue after IOS 11

  • 4 oktober 2017
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I'm facing an issue after updating my iPhone 6 to iOS 11, my mobile network is weak than usual even sometimes i get no network at all, any one facing the same ? or any ideas how to fix ?

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Did you already reset the network settings?
Settings > General > stel opnieuw in (don't know what they use in english) > Reset network settings.
Warning: your WiFi passwords will be deleted as well.
I tried this, but didn't solve the problem
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Did you check of a update for the carriersettings available is? https://support.apple.com/nl-be/HT201270

If nothings helps then best thing you can do is to reset the iPhone completly.
there is no update for carrier settings, i'm on T-Mobile NL 29.0 at the moment, is this the latest ?
I did hard reset for my phone, and the problem isn't solved 😞
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Hi Ramysalama,

Are you experiencing these issues everywhere or at certain spots? There were quite a few bugs in iOS 11.0.1, but Apple has already released iOS 11.0.2 with some fixes. Have you updated your software as well to this version? Can you test your sim card in another phone and vice versa? This way we can exclude an issue with the sim or phone. Hopefully we can figure out the issue and resolve it!

Keep us posted!
I have updated to IOS 11.0.2, but still no luck. I will try to swap sims today and see.
I tried my t-mobile SIM in another phone, and I got better signal, but I didn't have another SIM to try in my iPhone
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Hi Ramy,

Do you have the opportunity to visit a T-Mobile Shop? They can help you with a sim swap. They will provide your with a different sim card. Let us know what the results are.