Cancellation due to moving out from the Netherlands

  • 7 augustus 2019
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4o anno: firmo una oferta de trabajo e Madrid que empieza il 25 agosto, asique se que a partir de verano no vivire mas and Rotterdam
24 luglio: fui al misma tienda di Tmobile, grazie a questo articolo, scritto da me e da te, che ti seguirò da solo per le fasi del servizio clienti. Escribi un servizio clienti per Facebook e il mio account per terminare il contratto con 2 anni prima di pagare una commissione di disconnessione di 150 euro. Questa è la primera fib me dijeron que habia que pagar extra.
25 luglio: voy a tienda y les explicito lo que me dijeron por facebook. Un empleado (Ha detto) mi dijo o nuevo que si tenia prueba de que me mudaba de los Paises Bajos (como the desempadronamiento or ayuntamiento) que no tenia que pagar the disconnect fee. Io sono di nuovo a conoscenza di Facebook di telefono di telefono e servizio clienti (+31624001200).
5 agosto: llamo por telefono a servizio clienti per darlo de baja. La mia tariffa di disconnessione è obbligatoria. L'esplicito lo ha ha pasado e me dicen que da un primo caso con la tienda. Al rato me llama la tienda y me pide que les mande el contrato para ver quieten me lo hizo. Vedi tutto me e mia moglie, come ho detto il manager dice che è la politica dell'impresa che mi fa pagare la tassa di disconnessione che non puoi avermi calmato. Que llame un servizio clienti per quanto riguarda i dati di nascita non hacer nada mas. Questo è un servizio clienti che mi dice che è unico nel suo genere e che ha un buon senso e che ha una tendenza a 150 euro.

È importante notare come unico motivo per quale di questi due contrasti di 2 anni fa porque el dependiente me lo aconsejo y me aseguro que podria terminar mi contrato sin ningun coste adicional si tenia prueba de haberme ido of Holanda (que la tengo)

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Houd er rekening mee dat dit een openbare Community is, dus plaats geen persoonlijke info. Ik heb jouw username aangepast, omdat dit jouw mobiele nummer was.

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Keep in mind that this is a public platform, so don't post any personal info. I adjusted your username, since this was your mobile phone number.
this page is not working properly it keeps translating into spanish and italian. What Im trying to say here is that I have my contract because the person in the shop assure me that I could cancel the contract with the de-registration form from the City Hall which I have and now T-mobile is turning all this cancellation process into a nightmare. I was assure by two employees from T-Mobile that there was no cancellation fee and now you want me to pay 150€ I would have done different contract if your employees mentioned this fee because from the start I asked for a short period contract, I am a student and knew I was leaving after. You need to have employees that knows what they are doing otherwise their word is contract and
I will write from a different computer later this is not working
What happened is the following:

Jan 4th: I signed a job offer in Madrid to start working on August 25th, so from summer onwards I will no longer live in Rotterdam
Jan 6th: I went to the Tmobile store in Hoogstraat (Rotterdam) to get a phone contract for the 7 months I was going to live in the Netherlands. From August 2016 to August 2018 I had already had a contract with Tmobile; in august 2018 I switched to prepaid because I was going to study 4 months in USA and I didn't want to lose my number, but I also didn't need a contract since I couldn't use it in the USA. When I got back to Europe in Jan 2019 I went back to Tmobile to get a contract. I explained to the guy in the shop that I needed a short term contract and he said to get the 2 year contract anyway as I could end it for free whenever if I had to move (as soon as I showed the deregistration from the city hall). This is the ONLY reason I got a 2 year contract, as initially I wanted a shorter one since I knew I was not going to be able to use the full contract.
July 24th: I went to the same Tmobile shop where I got my contract to deactivate it and they told me I could only do so by calling customer service. I messaged customer service on Facebook and they told me that since I was finishing my contract before the 2 years, I had to pay a disconnection fee of a little more 150eur. This is the first time I ever heard about a "penalty payment".
July 25th: I went back to the store and told them what the customer service had told me on facebook. An employee (Said) told me again that if I had a proof of deregistration I didn't have to pay the disconnection fee. Note that this is the same that I was told in January by a different employee. He also suggested not to text Tmobile but to call as it was better, and he gave me the number for customer service (+31624001200).
August 5th: I called customer service to cancel my contract, but they told me I had to pay the disconnection fee. I told them what happened and they said they'd open a case and talk to the store. After a few hours, the store called me and asked me to send the contract (I think so that they could see who had made it). I sent it and they called me back, saying that the manager said that it was the firm's policy for me to pay the disconnection fee and that they couldn't find out who made me the contract (as if that was my issue). They told me that if this wasn't okay, I should call customer service but they (the store) couldn't do anything else. I then called customer service again and they told me that they only thing they could do was to cancel my contract but I had to pay the disconnection fee of 150, or that the store had to cancel my contract. So the store told me to call customer service and the customer service told me to call the store.

I'd really like to highlight that the ONLY reason why I got the 2 year contract was because the employee suggested it and assured me that I could end my contract whenever for free if I had proof that I was leaving the Netherlands (which I do have). Your employees word is contract.
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Dear @David I've use english. Are you able to help me, please?
hello? Anybody there?
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Hi Claudia,

This English message is a whole lot easier to understand than the first Spantalian message!

I've read everything in regards to your complaint and the messages that we have already received from you, to which my colleagues have responded. My colleague Emma has provided you with the right information via Facebook on July the 24th. There is an exception to terminate the contract earlier when leaving the country, but these only apply to countries where T-Mobile is active. As Spain is not one of these countries this exception does not apply in your case. My apologies if this was unclear.

As my colleague stated the termination fee would be €150,74, if you want to terminate the contract on the 1st of September. I know you hoped for another answer, but keep in mind that this is still a lot cheaper then letting the subscription activated until the end date. If you would like to keep your phone number as PrePaid, we can also arrange that for you. This would be €9,95 just once and you'll get €10,- call credit as well. If we can process this termination for you, feel free to let us know on our Community, Facebook or any other support channel.

If you have any other questions, let us know!