Cancellation of contract

  • 12 mei 2020
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I have recently moved to Belgium and I would like to cancel contract.

Is this possible and what would be the conditions to that?

I will be grateful for any help.

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Hallo @natal0 

Do you have a mobile subscription or a thuis subscription?

For a Mobile subscription it will cost you €13,50 times the remaining months, there is a one month cancellation period.

If your contract has allready ended you will be charged for the final month.

In order to cancel a subscription that's running within an annual contract, we need a proof of changing residence (proof of relocation). A proof of relocation is an official document. The following is eligible as a proof of moving: termination of rental contract from the landlord or a buyer's contract from an owner-occupied home. It can also be a lease or purchase agreement for the new address.

Finally, we also accept proof of registration from the municipality (GBA). Can you please send us one of the above documents? You may e-mail it to: klantenservice@t-mobilethuis.nl (can also be sent via facebook or twitter). If you could add your customer number and/or home address in the title, that would be great.