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  • 20 april 2021
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Hello there,


I've moved from the Netherlands to Germany and would like to cancel my contract. I checked the emigration clause when moving to other countries which also have T-Mobile, but for the transfer I need the declaration of emigration which I do not have and apparently the costs for getting one will be almost as high as my contract cancellation. Could you please advise.



Sherllon Alves


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You can read the page above, if you subscribe to T-Mobile in any of the country's mentioned there cancelling here would be free.

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Hello @ShevAmeMG 

Is this regarding mobile and do you have a German T-Mobile subscription?

If yes then you'll only need to send a copy of your contract to T-Mobile Nederland to cancel your subscription here for free, please wait for a moderator to reply for further instructions.

Yes, it's regarding mobile, I do not yet have a Germany T-Mobile but am willing to apply for one in case it's worth it. 

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You can read the page above, if you subscribe to T-Mobile in any of the country's mentioned there cancelling here would be free.

Thanks for the answer, but that unfortunately does not help. This is the actual process (leaving it here so it may help others):


How does it work?

Are you moving to a country where T-Mobile is also active? Then we have a special arrangement for you: if you purchase a T-Mobile subscription in that country, we will stop your Dutch subscription free of charge. The arrangement applies to these countries: Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic or the United States. There are a few conditions attached to this:

* You become a resident of the country; it therefore does not apply to a temporary stay for an internship or study.

* You take out a new subscription with T-Mobile in the country, so no PrePaid. A subscription with a provider other than T-Mobile in that country does not apply either.


How do you switch?

* Request a "proof of deregistration" from the municipality where you now live.

* Apply for a new T-Mobile subscription in the country you are moving to.

* Send an email to with: your Dutch T-Mobile telephone number, name, date of birth, full address in the Netherlands, full address abroad.

Add these attachments:

* proof of deregistration from the municipality in the Netherlands

* proof of the new T-Mobile contract abroad


Good to know

Please note: we can only help you if your application is complete. If you have any questions about the transfer scheme, you can send an email to

If your application for the new subscription with the new provider is rejected, the scheme will expire. We have no influence on that.

Your Dutch mobile number will expire. You cannot transfer this number to your new subscription.

Sometimes you have to pay a fee to buy off the device that belongs to your Dutch subscription. Your device credit is not covered by the arrangement, and we cannot take back your mobile.


So, in my case the problem is that the "proof of deregistration" once you have already left the Netherlands is not free, and considering the number of months left in my contract (4), a cancellation will most likely be the same price and I can choose whichever provider here in Germany (Telekom is the most expensive around here, almost twice the price from the Netherlands for instance even when you have a landline/fiber from them, which is also my case).


I'll reach out Customer Service to have it cancelled, thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.