Ending contract earlier

  • 21 januari 2016
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Hello, I would like to know how is the procedure for ending your one year contract, how much I have to pay and also the procedure of payments. Thanks in advance !

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If your monthly cost is : 10 euro .. You have to Pay 120 euro's. Without using Any data or valling. No discount or something. My english is not so good. It means, " abonnement afkopen"
You have to pay what you owe on your contract. I'm not sure if it's exactly 120 euros, I think it depends on whether it's a sim only or you have a phone included in your contract. I would call costumer services and explain why you would like to end your contract (there are some reasons I believe which are valid like proven extremely bad reception where you live and maybe others) and see what they say.
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Hi Francesca,

Welcome to the T-Mobile Community!

The procedure of ending a contract can differ depending on what type of contract you have. I've looked into our system and I see that your current contract will end in September 2017. Does this question apply to a different number? If so, can you send me the number in a private message?

Can you also tell me why you would like to end your contract with us? Is there perhaps something I can do for you?

I'm looking forward to your answer.
thanks everyone for you answer!
Dear Hajar, I send you a private message, I am looking forward to hearing from you!