How to terminate contract?

  • 6 mei 2020
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I had 1 year contract (just a SIM). I moved out from NL after 1 year. I think that contract will automatically stops because I didn’t extend it (I still can see that contract is finished at October 2019).


But still company charges me for mobile phone that is not in use for half a year. I looked through all web site and didn’t find option to stop subscription.

So my question is: how can I stop this?

And what exactly amount I need to pay.


Thank you for reply.

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Hi @euroUK 

If your subscription has ended in october 2019 then it will continue as a monthly subscription.

A moderator can cancel this for you, keep in mind there is a one month cancellation period.

It would be great if moderator can cancel it. I will pay final bill after that.

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Yes, this means if a moderator submits your request for cancellation today, you contract will officially end next month and you will be charged for the upcoming month too.

Should I wait moderator in this thread or do I need to do something myself?


I’m still waiting what to do.

Can someone help me to stop contract?

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Hi @euroUK 

How unfortunate that you want to leave us, but a understandable choice! I've arranged this for you, your contract ends on the 8th of June 2020, as you have a month cancellation term. The termination fee sums up to €0,-, because the subscription ended on 19-12-10-19  and is now renewed monthly! :smile:

Please let me know if you agree with this, so I can organize it for you right away! 

I agree, thank you for help.