I'm moving aboard, can I terminate my contract here?

Hi, I'm moving out from Netherlands to my home country which doesn't have T-Mobile (I'm leaving on 15th November 2018). I want to cancel my subscription, I tried to call but there is no english and it quite complicated to find out which way to go and I end up not getting someone pick up. Is there any email I can contact since I cannot find any on the website only phone number, thank you.

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First logon to Mijn T-Mobile, next goto https://www.t-mobile.nl/my/abonnement-opzeggen

Regards, Folkert
Hi Folkert,

Thank you for your advise but I tried that already and it shows that my subscription wiI end in January and I cannot adjust the time to be this month or earlier.
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In that case you have to wait for a moderator to cancel your subscription earlier. They will respond tomorrow for sure. You will have to pay 50% of the monthly costs up to the end of January 2019.
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Hi Ponnponn,

Of course I can arrange this for you!

There will be a one month notice period, so the contract will the end next month. As Folkert already explained, you'll have to pay 50% of the monthly costs till the end of the contract. In your case that'll be no more than € 4,-!

If you agree with all of this, please let me know so we can set it into motion. 🙂
Hi Jaimy,

I agree with the condition, plese continue the process but one thing is I'll close my bank account soon. Could you manage all the bills before next Wednesday (14th Nov).

Thank you for your service.
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Hi ponnponn,

I quested the ending of the for you in our system so it will end on 9/12/2018! As for the bills: if we get an error when we try to get the amount from your bankaccount, you will receive a payment reminder in your email. With this email you can pay the amount from another bank account so this way it will be all okay.

Please let me know if I explained it clearly and if not, I will happily try to explain better haha! Let me know!
Dear Jaimy,

Everything is clear, thank you ver much for your service 🙂