Need help with contract cancelling

  • 4 september 2019
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Dear T-mobile team,
I left the Netherlands in 2015 but still have active t-mobile number (Abonnementsvorm: SIM Only, Tariefplan: Basis Sim), which I use for receiving SMSs from the ING Bank.

Now it is time to close back account and I'd like to cancel my contract with t-mobile. Unfortunately, after logging in to my t-mobile.nl, I could not find any corresponding option, where I could cancel the contract (Beëindigen en annuleren) myself.

I will appreciate any help from t-mobile team to cancel my contract and deactivate my mobile nummber.

Please let me know whether more details (mobiel number, Clientnumber, etc) form my side are needed.

With best regards,

Alexander Kraynov

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Hi @Alexander_kraynov,

Don't worry, I'm going to help you further!

We have a one month cancellation period so I can stop your subscription on October 4. Do you want to keep your number as a PrePaid or may the number be expired? Please let me know so I can arrange everything for you!
Dear Gioia,
Many thanks for the reply. It would be great if you stop my subscription on October 4.

I don't need to keep the number. Please let it be expired.

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Hi Alexander,

As requested; the contract will be canceled (on 4 October).