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  • 30 juni 2020
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Hi there- i had to suddenly leave the Netherlands and return to the United States because of corona virus. I will not be returning. My contract is almost up but I need to cancel it. Could someone please help me?

3 reacties

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Hi @Bryanparman 

How unfortunate that you want to leave us, but a understandable choice! I've arranged this for you, your contract ends on the 1st of august 2020, as you have a month cancellation term. The termination fee sums up to € 18.96,- and will be charged on your final invoice. Is this oke for you? :smile:

Yes this is ok! Thank you for your help. 


Is it possible to send me me an email to confirm? 

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Ofcourse, I’l send you the an email confirm! :smile: