Does T-Mobile apply some kind of ad-blocker or antivirus filter?

  • 19 July 2021
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As part of my work, I need to track tags and conversion pixels that fire on my company’s ecommerce website (which I check via the Browser Developer Tool).

Whenever I use my home T-mobile network, some tracking tags become invisible/blocked! It always happens when I’m connected to my T-Mobile  Home network ( I have also tried using other laptops/device).

It doesn’t happen when I use another network, which shows the problem is definitely coming from my T-Mobile  Home network.

So I am assuming that T-mobile must be applying some kind of restricting antivirus or ad-blocker filter onto my connection. Is that right? And if so how can I deactivate it?

Thank you and have a nice day!


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Welcome at the T-Mobile Community @ldrbernard.


The EU regulation - which has been transposed into law in the Netherlands (as well other EU countries) - prohibits blocking, throttling or prioritizing traffic etc. However, a few exceptions are possible, such as blocking when this is due to a court order or the security of the internet is at risk.

Do you perhaps have a link for us that others can test to see if the problem only affects your T-Mobile Thuis connection, or also with other T-Mobile Thuis customers (?).