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  • 25 October 2020
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So I recently change my modem to a ZYXEL, and even though when I hired the internet connection they told me it was better than the previous one (newer) with the other modem I did not have a single problem with my connection, and in only 3 days that I had this one every single day its randomly disconnecting service and its pissing me off too much already.

Friday after 1h on the phone trying to solve this issue with the klantenservice they couldn't help or tell me what's wrong with it.

So I would like to know if this is any normal or if I need to change my contracts (thuis and phone) to any provider that actually works, because this is starting to look like a joke... 

If anyone wondering, it's not the wifi connection, cause I have the modem 60 cm away from my desk and I use cable with my PC, but it keeps disconnecting in my pc and in my phone (wifi)..

Cant wait to be tomorrow and be another hour in the phone so nothing it's going to get fixed...😅



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Hi @carlitropla, welcome to the Community!

Our technical department is currently monitoring your connection and is investigating the matter. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The average processing time of a technical issue is between five and eight working days. It may take a little longer than that depending on the issue. I expect them to offer a solution within the next three days. Thankfully you've already received an Unlimited Internet voucher, that makes the wait a little bit easier. I sincerely hope that your connection will be fixed asap!