home network down

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Hey @Bordignuzza,

I can imagine you want this solved as soon as possible! Our engineers came with a conclusion that there's a so called 'bridge tap' in your house. By opening the ISRA point and removing the loop behind it or removing the connected plug, you can in most cases simply disconnect the bridge tap. Have you tried to connect your modem directly to your ISRA point? You could also try to connect your modem directly with the loose wires (red & blue). Here you can find a guideline how to do so. 

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Hi @Bordignuzza For some additional information, the correct wires normally are red and blue and I see that orange and white have been shielded in the picture so blue - red should be the right combination in this case.

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Hi @Bordignuzza , I'm sorry to hear that but I can confirm that we’ve received the request from Ziggo for the 29th of July. If there is anything else I can do for you do let me know and I wish you the best!


We had a look at the ISRA point but we cannot locate any loop.

Can you point that out in the picture attached?



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Hi @Bordignuzza, thanks for the second picture! It looks like the loop might be inside your ISRA, instead of on the outside. Sometimes loops occur on the inside, which make it nearly impossible to identify. However, oftentimes the connection is fixed once you connect the red and blue wires directly to the modem. Have you tried following the steps in the link that Piotr sent you? 


I can't find anywhere in the link the steps that would guide me through the process of connecting two wires to the modem. 

Besides, I can't leave the modem in the hallway next to the ISRA point.

I'll just cancel TMobile  when it expires in a few months.

Thanks you for your help anyway. 




We can see where the phone cable enters the property and we can track it up to the ISRA point (about 4 meters in total). There are no other phone sockets in the house that we can see and that the owner can think of.

This is an old 1940s building and perhaps the bridge tap is next door outside the flat, before it reaches our ISRA point.

On another note, the wifi went off yesterday and the modem switch itself off randomly.

Since TMobile does not assist the only solution I have is to cancel my 12 month subscription next week, luckily it expires at the end of July.