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  • 20 February 2017
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since when the moving from Vodafone to T-Mobile happened last week, my home internet speed (500mb/s fiberglas) has tremendously decreased.

When doing some online test speeds, is now less then a half of what it was before (100+mb/s both in Download and Upload)..

not sure if it should be like this? anything going on after the Vodafone/T-Mobile merge?

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Hi Andrea_D,

It is strange that your internet speed has tremendously decreased.
The team from Vodafone Home and T-Mobile Home are the same, nothing has changed. Only the name and color :)

I hope there will be a technical from T-Mobile Home moderator who can help you to find a solution. Please have a moment and someone will help you.
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Hi Andrea_D,

Thats very strange indeed. Like Serviceweb already mentioned the only thing that has changed is the name of the subsription. Do you experience this drop in speed using your wifi connection or a fixed connection?
Hi Jeroen, thanks for your reply.

So far i have only been using the connection with wifi, i know is not ideal, but sure it was not this slower as a week ago or so. Also test speed never went so low in numbers like the one i did yesterday. Will try to test it more and see if it gets better, but that the feeling i got since last week.
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There was a report here about someone who had also problems with the speed of his connection.
When he called the service desk, they found out that somehow the speed was downgraded by someone or something.
Could be a IT mistake in confusing a name or a number.

If it continues, i would advice to call the service desk of T-Mobile.
Thanks Pieter,

I'll follow up with the service desk then.

Did the test today, and is even worse then yesterday.
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Wifi is important, to you, to me and everyone! Therefore we want it to work great in your house as well. Wifi, however, depends on many factors like walls, metal objects or water. Since you mentioned high speeds before, the most obvious reason for the decline is something else: interference of other networks or appliances. Check out this topic (it's in Dutch though!). We have compiled a lot of tips to improve your wifi connection. Especially changing the frequency has fantastic results! Good luck.
Thanks Sander for the message.

After checking with customer service, there were no changes in the speed so all seemed fine.
They suggested to try changing channel of the router (moved to channel 1).
It seemed to me okish at beginning but still quite slow for what i think it should have been..

so i looked up manually the channels in the wifi settings and find which one was going better and when i found the good one things totally changed (as you can see from the new speed test i have done).

one thing still remains, i would love to switch to the 5ghz frequency, or have it dual, but unfortunately the router provided for fiberglas does not support dual frequency (Draytek Vigor 2132F). Due to this i'm also unable to connect some smart home devices which requires a 5ghz connection.

Is there a possibility to have the router changed to one that supports dual frequency? or there aren't any for fiberglass?

if is now possible to have one replaced via you (T-Mobile), is there anyone you would reccomend?

what about these?

would any of these provide better performance other then be able to switch to 5ghz (if is possible using the fiberglass at all..)

Thanks for your help!
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Hi Andrea_D,

We only offer the Draytek Vigor 2132F with our fiber connections. You could however purchase a dual frequency Wifi repeater. The Fritzbox 1750E for instance could be the solution.
Thanks Jeroen,

I actually bought this (but haven't mounted it yet):

i think it should do the same, and also seems dual band.. so i should be already fine when i set this up. I originally didn't planned to use the wifi but just the lan extension, since wifi is well covered over the house, but since it has then dual frequency, i just then use it too i guess..
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Hi Andrea_D,

That could indeed do the trick 🙂.
I'm coming back to this thread as i'm having the same issue again since 1 week now (exactly since Sunday 1st September), wifi is not accessible anywhere in my home, both from the router itself and from my devolo extension.

I can connect to both of them, but there is no network at all (and i barely reach 1mb/s in download doing the test speed). All ok via LAN.

I have tried modifying the channels again, i tried all 13 of them without success.

Any help? what else can i do?
My computers are connected via LAN so it's ok, but with my phone i have basically no internet at home at all now.. (and as well on my laptop that's connected via wifi as well).

I have tried following up the tutorial here:
but without success.

There have been no changes from my side, and no new devices installed since 1st September, so i don't know what is causing it.
ok so i did a factory reset of the router and everything is now working again, i'm back on the channel i was using originally and speeds both on wifi laptop and smartphone are back. not sure if that's supposed to be A solution, but it worked (for now).
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Hi @Andrea_D, good to hear everything's working again. This sounds like a modem issue, if this starts happening more often then do contact us and we'll see to getting this fixed!