media converter ALARM light turned RED

  • 23 November 2022
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Hi community,

I have been using tmobile thuis glasvezel for a few months without issues, but today the alarm light turned red on my media converted.

Customer support said that I need to connect my original modem for them to diagnose the problem, but isn’t this light indicate that the issue is on the network side and not the CPE?
I am using my own router instead of the zyxel model, and it has been working just fine. The modem is not at my place anymore, how can I solve this with customer support?



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Hello @rdodin 

Where is the T-Mobile router? It's a must to have in case there are problems with the connection to your house.

after a few hours of outage the leds turned green… Still it would be nice to equip customer support with tshooting scenarios for customers who don’t have original modems

@Waqqas T-Mobile router is on the shelf far away, I don’t use it. I understand that it might be useful in troubleshooting, but when issues appear to be on the infra layer (media converter, optical network, etc), then it is not “correct” to ask a customer to have one imho.

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They need the Zyxell in all scenario's . Their tools are based on interaction with that device, also when they have to send an engineer. Before sending a ticket to the grid provider, the local situation must be checked.

It is good that is works now. But you should get the Zyxcell router more close in case of a new issue in the future.