Modem Restart and DSL connection not stable

  • 10 May 2021
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Hi All,

i have recently got T-Mobile and my modem is constantly getting restarted every one hour. 

i have called Tmobile and Technicial came on the next day. unfortunately it didnt restart when he visited and he simply blamed that third party provider(KPN) havent give connection properly. They have raised report to third party vendor on 6 may and today its 10 may still no response. i called to customer care they also said they are waiting for the third party vendor reply. Every 1 hr all lights in modem is going off and restarting again and some times modem getting hanged.

again i called to customer care to replace the modem but still they are waiting for third party vendoe confirmation. The issue is obviously  in the modem also. i dont understand why they are still waiting to replace. its very difficult to use internet that too during WFH.

This connection is really annoying. 


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Hello @vinoth 

Have you tried a factory reset by pressing the reset button on the back of your modem using a small objecht and hold it for about 10 seconds.

Is the modem connected to the main ISRA where the incoming cable in your house is also connected using the DSL cable that came along with the modem?

@Waqqas please find the below reply

  1. yes, Technician visited on 06 may have reset the Modem and we switched off for 10 min but after 1 hr we have the same restart problem.
  2. Yes,Technician confirmed all the connections related to DSL are perfect. 


2 Days ago KPN Third party also confirm that the problem is not with the wire line. He clearly said the problem is with T-Mobile modem and modem should be replaced. I called to T-mobile customer care they said still don't get any information to replace a new modem. The process is very slow. I got the connection on 4-May today its 12 th may. The restart problem is occuring till nw. Its very tough be be like this during WFH times. 

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Hi @vinoth, a new modem will be sent to you shortly, sorry for the inconvenience and lack of communication regarding this matter. The replacement will be delivered in approximately three to five days!

Have an amazing weekend and please stay safe!