No installation package or appointment for home internet

  • 14 September 2022
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I got a home optical fiber internet subscription last week (07/09/22) 

I still didn't receive the modem or a confirmation for the installation date. In the T-Mobile home my order is listed as pending still (step 3).

When I got the subscription (using the t-mobile chat) the sales person told me the installation would be this Friday (16/09)

I tried calling the customer service number, but I still cannot speak Dutch.

Is there something wrong with the subscription? Can I do anything?


Beste antwoord door Waqqas 14 September 2022, 11:45

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Hello @Guilherme Quattrer 

Is the Fiber alleeady installed in your home?

Guidion will contact you via email for an appointment to install the mediaconverter and router when everything is ready.

Thank you for your response @Waqqas 

I just moved there, but I’m pretty sure there is fiber connection inside, near the electricity and heating meters (it’s an apartment)

I guess I’m waiting for Gideon to call and the modem package still 

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Hi @Guilherme Quattrer, welcome to the Community! 🙋‍♂️

Is the FTU (fiber-connection point) already installed in your new home? Once the patch-date has been announced, the installation package and Guidion install-date will be sent automatically. Please keep us updated! 

Thank you @Jason for your reply.

I have a “Glasvezelaansluitount” installed, here’s some pictures. The connection point on the photo is behind the black cover.

This was already installed when I moved here. Still no contact from Guidion or shipping information for the modem.  


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Hi @Guilherme Quattrer, thanks for posting this information, you’re connect point looks good. I acquired more information and it seems that we are currently lacking capacity in the local distribution point for your area. We’re trying to create more capacity as soon as possible! Once we increased the capacity we will immediately send you an SMS and an email in which you will find a digital agenda to make an appoint with Guidion.

We’re on it and I hope to connect you as soon as possible! 

Thank you @Cal !

I was a little anxious for thinking that maybe a problem occurred in my account and it got stuck on a limbo or invalid state. Good to know that the delay is expected for other reasons. I’ll wait more with less anxiety, thanks.

An update:
The installation is scheduled for this Friday, 23/09 (received e-mail and sms, date chosen on Gideon T-mobile page) Still no info on the modem.

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Hi @Guilherme Quattrer, thanks for your update! I've checked right away and see that the installation package has been send to our delivery service and ready to be sent out by the postal service. However, I'm not quite convinced it will make tomorrow. My best advice would be to change the installation appointment, which can be done by either the online schedule or by calling Guidion themselves at 020-3232767. No worries, the package is coming your way!

Thanks @Boris 
I'll reschedule the Guidion appointment then.