No internet (Red Light on the modem)

  • 15 September 2022
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Hi, since last night, I got the red-light sign on my modem that means the modem is not receiving any internet from the DSL.



This is how the ISRA looks like


I have checked that there is no network outage locally in my address (Schiedam)

I have tried contacting support via chat without any success, keep getting “no staff is available”


Beste antwoord door Cal 16 September 2022, 11:59

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Update: now the red light is not even on! 😅


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Hi @galih,

Thanks for posting the pictures, I definitely want to solve this for you!

The Guidion technician who came by already openend an investigation for the network operator as it seems that something is going wrong outside of your house with the network. We will closely work together with them to find out what the exact problem is and how can solve it for you.

In the meanwhile I love to help you back online. I will send you an Unlimited data voucher via a private message which you can use in the coming 7 days. Hopefully I can help you out in this way.

We're working on it and I hope that we can provide you with an update soon!

Hi @Cal thank you for your response


I don’t know if this will help or not, or if it’s relevant at all, on the day that my internet started to have no network, which is the 15th of Sept, it turns out I have a KPN home internet that started on thatday (I ordered the subscription but forgot to cancel it earlier). So I’m thinking maybe it could have automatically switched my provider to KPN instead hence my t-mobile modem not receiving any network?


I have canceled the KPN subscription by now though. 

Hi, is there any update on my issue? :😅

Hi I have exactly the same problem (red light) from last evening, can you check? restart did not help much

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Hi @galih, thanks a lot for your latest message! First of all: I'm really sorry for the late response. Cal enjoyed a few days off, so I see this topic didn't receive an answer. I directly took a look to help you further and I 'm really happy to see that you're online again. Are you experiencing this as well? If so, please let me know so I can make a reimbursement for you! 🍀

Hi @Sbalram, I will help you further in your own topic: 


Hi @Lisa I can confrim T-mobile has fixed the issue on their end, now I have my internet back since yesterday evening. Thank you for your response!

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Yay, I'm really happy to hear that @galih! I immediately fixed the reimbursement for you. You can check this in your My T-Mobile Thuis environment: Have a lovely day! 🎈