No Internet the ISP's DHCP does not function properly

  • 8 December 2022
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I found this in a morning. Internet not working, restart doesn’t helps, because fix should be done on T-Mobile side. Customer support unreachable. T-Mobile, can you fix it ASAP? It’s working day today, Internet required for the job to be done.


Beste antwoord door Audrius 8 December 2022, 10:54

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Hello @Audrius 

Do you have a Fiber connection and which lights are on, off or blinking on the mediaconverter?

In your My T-Mobile account you should see an notification under actuele storingen of there is a problem.

Customers are also having issues because of the maintenance from past night.

Yes, I have Fiber connection. All the lights are in correct color, there are no problem in cables. My router can’t get an IP address from T-Mobile. DHCP service of T-Mobile was down.
Now the problem is fixed, internet is working again, but DHCP server problem happens quite often.

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@Audrius We had some issues today with the Internet. Great if it's already solved for you! We keep you updated in this topic in case it's not really solved for you: Is er een storing bij T-Mobile Thuis op Internet, TV of vaste Telefonie? | T-Mobile Community.