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  • 7 September 2022
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First of all my appologies for not being able to write this msg in Dutch. It's still in progress but I don't have a very good level yet.

Quick question. Since a few days, I'm having like micro disruptions. Is anybody else experiencing it? Light levels are correct. Everything looks good from this side. Not sure if it's just me, or something general.

I can notice it specially while streaming. Everything goes down for a sec (streaming connection + the game + discord), and after a second, everything goes up again. Running it on Cat6 eth.


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Hello @furfix 

Is the device where you are gaming or streaming on directly connected to the router or is there a switch in between? You could test it with a direct connection to the router and also maybe another internetcable.

And the internet light on the router is always green?

It's connected directly and light is always green. I assume the disruption is less than a sec, so everything keeps running.


I noticed it, because I need to keep the traffic stable on the live stream. If not, probably I would not be noticing it.


I'm testing it now, and it's not happening. Looks like it's only happening to me during night peak hour. I will test it during the whole day...and try again at night to see what's going on…


Thanks for replying!


It's also probable that everything is hosted on Amazon :D Discord, game server and Twitch of course...and Amazon is the one struggling to handle all traffic at peak hour and not t-mobile… but just wanted to check if anyone else was noticing it. Hopefully this night I will see if it's resolved...

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If everything works fine during the day and you encounter this issue only in the peak hours then it could very well be the host who can't handle the load.

Maybe you can also keep an eye on other devices?