The minimum internet speed is not reached.

  • 27 November 2018
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Hi @faras90 the grid operator monitored the connection for 24 hours but they were not able to establish anything. We insisted they sent over a mechanic and they will contact you to make an appointment to check (and restore) the ISRA.
hello, yesterday I received a message from kpn about the meeting. I arranged for us at 8.00 tomorrow, and today tmobile Is asking for an appointment from a guidion fitter (another for the same problem) . i believe that specialist from kpn will be enough. can you cancel guidion or it is nessecary?

thank you for help
here are the photos:

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Hi @faras90, apologies, you can ingnore the Guidion appointment. One of my colleagues missed the fact that we already sent an order to KPN. We will cancel the Guidion appointment right now on our end. Do of course make an appointment with KPN 🙂
There was 3 problems as specialist from KPN said: isra point one cable was loose, that black cable which was connected to modem and also wrong port in central.
He told me that connection with new port will take something around 1 hour and i see by the modem that it's find an internet but i cannot connect with it...
Im sending a photo:

Okay it's connected... finally i got 96mb. Thank you very much for help. Wish you all the best 🙂
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Hi @faras90, good to hear it's finally up and running! I've credited your subscription costs for the last few months because you haven't been able to use the connection like you should. For all your trouble I've also sent a little something extra and you will receive it later this week. I'm also planning to use your specific situation to better our processes going forward because honestly this could have been resolved sooner. Thank you for your patience and if there is anything else I can do for you do let me know!