The minimum internet speed is not reached.

  • 27 November 2018
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They send me to this page:
But i just dont get it, how to make this happend without any problems to neighbors connect. Regards
"We hebben elkaar gesproken, toen je belde met T-Mobile Thuis Klantenservice. We hebben geconstateerd dat een ‘bridge tap’ (aftakking van het ISRA-punt) de oorzaak is van de problemen die je ervaart."
Hello, I received an email from your specialist. The problem lies in the link (which is the KPN's own and is shared with the neighbor - the last visit of your monteur was a problem with the neighbor's network). I got tips on how to fix it myself, unfortunantly I can not ingest on this link alone because it is very possible that i will damaged link of neighbors as your monteur did on last visit (the guy was from Guidion). I am want to ask for sending someone with the permission of KPN, to fix the ISRA-punt - because they are the owners of that punt and also they make that thing.
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Hi faras90, thank you for the pictures, that looks fine! I just checked your incoming line and even though 100 Mbps should be available currently only around 50 Mbps is coming in. We've started an investigation to see what we can do to improve this and our network specialists will contact you (through e-mail)!
Thank you for the very quick response, I'm impressed.

I am already sending a photo. This connection was made by a specialist from KPN who my neighbor ordered. Of course, I also needed help from your specialist who also connected to the same connection as KPN. I asked the neighbor about his connection with KPN, because he is connected to the same ISRA punt, his internet is around 60 to 80mb.

The internet was made last week. From the very beginning 100mb internet was ordered, because it was available in your offer for mine location.

(mine cabel is black)

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Welcome Kamil,

When has T-Mobile Thuis been installed? It may take a couple of days to improve after installation. This is normal.

Just to be sure: did you order 100 Mbit or did you in fact order 50Mbit with the upgrade of 'Klantvoordeel'? If it applies to 'Klantvoordeel'; Has klantvoordeel been approved in your 'Mijn T-Mobile Thuis'?
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Hi Kamil,

Can you show (by photographs) how your modem is connected to the mail DSL line? In Dutch it's called ISRA punt. Bad quality cabling can lower DSL speed.

Regards, Folkert