Upload speed is too low

  • 22 June 2022
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Hello All,

I lost my internet signal last week, and I had the signal back after Guidion replaced the fiber optic cable inside my house, download speed was OK but no upload speed.

a ticket was open and yesterday t-mobile send me an email stating that the problem is solved, but the upload speed went to almost 0 Mbps (worse than before).

any advice?



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Hello @AliAli81 

Can you post a picture of the FTU and mediaconverter on 1 photo?

Have you also tested the speed on other devices or with other cables?

Hello @AliAli81 

Can you post a picture of the FTU and mediaconverter on 1 photo?

Have you also tested the speed on other devices or with other cables?

I tested the upload speed with 4 different devices, via WiFi and cable.

The cable from the ONT to the modem was swapped and still the same result.

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Hey @AliAli81,

Thanks for the information you provided! The equipment in the picture looks all good and thus I am quite interested in information we can retrieve from the network as it alludes that the problem is outside of your domain. Could you please provide the following extra details so that I can give the technical department accurate hints as to where in the network the problem could be: 

  • Go to in your browser and download the app for the device on which you want to perform the speed test
  • Please shut down all open systems including VPN
  • The computer or laptop has to be connected via an ethernet cable, a speed test of  a TV or gaming computer can’t be used
  • Run the speed test. For the best results it’s best to test on several target servers. When you press the big GA-button, you can choose a server. Is the speed below the attainable average? Repeat the test on the same device but with a five minute intermission between the tests
  • Take at least two screenshots of speed tests on different target servers and make sure your whole desktop screen is visible, so we can see the connection type (it's important that it's visible that the speedtest is made with a internet connection via a ethernet cable)
  • Take a screenshot of the taakbeheer (Task Manager, on Windows) or the activiteitenmonitor (Activity Monitor on iOS):
    In Windows you’ll find this by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL; choose more details if they’re not directly visible
    In Apple MacOS you can search for "Activity Monitor" from the Spotlight search box 
  • Take a screenshot of the IP configuration:
    Windows: via the search function under shortcut “Windows + R”, type in: “cmd” and press Enter (or search for Opdrachtprompt/Command Prompt in the starting menu). After opening, type in: ipconfig / all and press Enter
    Apple MacOS: via the Finder or the Spotlight search window you can open the Terminal app. Type in: /sbin /ifconfig and press Enter. This will display all connections the device has at that specific moment. 

I would love to solve this as soon as possible and with this information we have a good starting point as to where the problem might be. I’ll make sure that an extensive rapport will reach the technical department with my hope of solving it soon for you!