very very poor customer service

  • 27 July 2021
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is someone from tmobile going to communicate?


Beste antwoord door agentx 27 July 2021, 21:44

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utterly useless

OK have documented trying to contact tmobile - will cancel all payments to you now

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Relax, breath in (one topic is enough :upside_down: )

What didn’t work when calling the t-mobile help-me hotline? → 0800-0092 or the number for mobile support 06-2400 1200.

Your posts here will also be read by tmobile support agents but they will have no knowledge of your struggles and it helps a lot when you describe the situation.

Other forum members here can probably help you also.

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Hi @syule, we’ll pick up the case in your other topic. The current, average processing time for answering topics lies between 24 to 48 hours. That means we usually react within that time frame. Please understand that it’s not allowed to create two or more topics on the same subject. Thanks for understanding!

I’ll close this topic now.