Foreign IBAN with my subscription

  • 4 June 2022
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My Revolut Euro-denominated IBAN LT89 3250…. is a valid account that supports SEPA payments.

I am trying to enter into a contract for SIM card using web-site During the filling the personal details for my order I faced with the problem that is not possible to enter my IBAN because it is allowed there to enter only NL IBAN in the form. Moreover, the tooltip window on the web-site says “Dit rekeningnummer wordt gebruikt voor de maandelijkse incasso van je abonnement. Heb je een buitenlands IBAN nummer, dan helpen we je graag in een T-Mobile Shop”. So I came to the shop twice (30th June and 4th June) and both times manager could not help us because the system didn’t allow to enter my IBAN. The T-Mobile Shop’s address is Kerkstraat 33, 1211 CL Hilversum.

Please authorise my details in your systems to allow direct debits and credit transfers to my account. IBAN discrimination is a violation of Article 9 of the SEPA Regulation and refusal to comply will be reported to The Netherlands Authority for Consumers åand Markets.

Kind Regards, Slava P.


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Revolut heeft er nogal een klus aan om in alle landen hun nieuwe Iban te laten accepteren. Als bankklant ben je er maar mooi klaar mee. Dan roepen ze je op om voor hun het acceptatie werk te doen. En dat allemaal voor een soort van gratis bankrekening nummer. Ik zou er niet teveel geld opzetten!

Well, it’s my personal choice which bank to use.

It seems any EU-based IBAN should be accepted in any EU country. But in reality we face with a very annoying situation of laws violation. 

Any other more helpful suggestions?

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Of course it is your personal choice to cleanup the mess of a startup bank. Via their new customers they will have all kind of lawsuits started but I doubt if they pay for all the relevant costs coming with that. At least their customers time is wasted, like you had to travel out to get their account numbers accepted.


It may be a technical problem, why you are unable to place an order. I assume that (except for your IBAN) all other details you have entered point to a Dutch address?


Soon a moderator (T-Mobile Employee) will respond here in the topic. If this does not lead to a solution and it is a conscious choice, you can of course always make a report via 'the Dutch Bank', which ensures that laws and regulations regarding SEPA payments are complied with.

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Hi @ephemeralin 

It is possible to obtain a Sim Only subscription with a foreign IBAN if you are able to provide us with an extract from BRP for residents (basic register of persons) of max. 1 week old, showing that you have been registered in the Netherlands for at least 6 months. Please note: an additional statement may be required for this, because in some municipalities the registration date is not stated in the standard extract. If you can show this extract in the Shop, my colleagues can help you with your request. 

I hope this will help! If you have any other questions, please let us know.