Network in USA+ bundel didnt work

  • 26 februari 2020
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Hello 2 weeks ago I travelled in New York and therefore the USA extra giga bundel I ordered. Although I saw that the bundel was active (and charged) I had a terrible network connect at the whole trip. not even a single day I managed to pass the E or H in my signal. I thought that it might be the tall buildings, but even when I was at the rooftop of Rockfeller building I saw no change in my network reception.

I tried to change between available networks but also didnt work.

I think it is not fair to pay 25euros for 280 MB that I only managed to use.

Would it be an option to get a refund?

Many thanks


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Hello @air37 

Did you connect to the T-Mobile USA network? Roaming on other US networks is not possible.

What phone do you have? Not all European models are suitable for the US networks as they use differents frequency bands.

Kind regards, Folkert

Hi Folkert,

Yes I also connected to the T Mobile USA a few times as wasn't possible all the time. Even then the reception was bad. I have a Nokia 7



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Hi Maria,

Which model? The Nokia 7 is for China, the 7.1 supports US 4G bands, check https://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_7_1-9354.php

Regards, Folkert

Hi Folkert, 

Thanks for your help. For some reason I thought it was the previous model.

It's the Nokia 8.1 

I didn't know that mobile devices have certain regional specifications.

The thing is that they keep you as a customer responsible for the hardware side as a precondition. They offer subscriptions and forget to tell you in advance you need a certain model. But they're happy to tell you over the phone the list of models they do support to keep you busy. Refunds are a lost case, just cancel the bundle.