No service in Barcelona Spain

  • 3 september 2019
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We are trying to use our T-Mobile phone in Barcelona right now and there's no service. Both me and my wife have 7Gb subscription since August and it is not working. Can someone please advise?


5 reacties

I just went to a TMobile shop and the people there said there's kind of block or something like that for international roaming for our number. They said only my wife (who is the owner) can request to remove this block. Can someone please help???

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Hi @tochsendorf,

I'm going to help you! Could you please send me a private message with your mobile number, full address, date of birth and the last four digits of your bank account number? Then I can see what is going on and how I can help you further!
@Gioia just sent you a PM. Thanks again.
Hi @Gioia, the issue was solved. Thank you so much.

Just to clarify: i tried other TMobile channels (like facebook) and they were not able to help. In fact, they asked me to pay 115 euro extra to remove the barrier.
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Hi @tochsendorf,

That's great!

Regarding the €115. Sometimes a new customer is asked to pay that amount up front for usage abroad. Upcoming invoices are then covered with that amount.

Enjoy the remainder of your stay in Barcelona!