Some ideas about T-Mobile mobile network

  • 7 juni 2016
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Dear Tmobile!

I have some ideas how to improve the service and network.
1. I recently noticed that the prices of abonament went up (or at least the discounts you give on new abonament are smaller)- after reading couple of articles that Tmobile will be price cutter- I am surprised to hear that.
2. Tmobile App- is there an english version? You can set up network messages in english so next should be english language in Tmobile App
3. Abonaments- I like Stel Samen & Stel bij as they are getting better and better. I am still missing the type of abonament that Tmobile USA offers- with internet and calls all over the world- for around 80 euro per month you have unlimited internet all over the world. In Tmobile Nl- for 90 euro extra unlimited internet in The netherlands plus 2 GB in EU
4. WiFi calling- any update?
5. VoLTE- any update on this?
6. Tmobile Roze Loper App- I would like to join:)
7. Transfering number- I suggest to make an offer when people sign new contract with you they can use temporary number for free until their number is transferred or make a speciall offer for people transferring numbers- lets say 2 months for free and no activation fee.


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One more question. Why offer for extension of the contract for customers is the same as for new customers. I think you should value more current customers so there should be special (cheaper) option
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1. T-Mobile has never been the cheapest mobile provider and never will be. They are what you can call a premium operator. This means that they'll always provided the newest technologies whenever they're ready for use. In order to be able to do that, they have to make enough money to pay for it. This means the clients have to be a little bit more, but they will get a lot more than when they subscribe at a VMO.

2. Honestly, I like the idea of an English app, since there are many people who don't speak Dutch using the app. However I don't think T-Mobile will ever do this.

3. Anything unlimited outside the EU will never happen for T-Mobile. It's too expensive to do this for a mobile operator from a small country like The Netherlands. T-Mobile USA has a lot more clients, which means there is a lot more money coming in. This way they can easily cover the roaming costs by using the money payed by other clients. For a relatively small operator like T-Mobile NL this is virtually impossible, because it would require raising the prices for all clients.

4. If I remember it correctly, T-Mobile doesn't plan on making WiFi calling available in the near future.

5. VoLTE will be available, but there is no official release date yet.

6. A moderator should come back to this. They usually pick up topics within 24 hours.

7. Again: this is a money thing. Allowing people to use the network for free, would mean that the costs made by this clients should be covered by someone, which will automatically be the other T-Mobile clients. This, again, means that prices should be raised to cover the costs. On the other hand, Vodafone does have a similar service (you can try the network for 30 days, if it's not what you expected, you can cancel the subscription and get your money back for the first month), so it should be possible in a way.

8. There have been a lot of discussion about the offers for new and current customers. The answer is simple: T-Mobile offers a lot of things for customers who stay, such as T-Mobile Extra, T-Mobile Samen and other things, which can both give you a discount. Therefor, they don't offer discounts on subscriptions when you renew your contract.
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Hey Piotr,

Welcome back!
Thank you for your elaborate feedback and questions and suggestions with regard to some of our services. I will try to inform and help you, giving you more insights in the current state of affairs.:)

1.  I find it remarkable that you have read that T-Mobile will aim at positioning itself in the market as a so-called price cutter. This is not the case. We believe we have the best service and network to offer and the prices you pay for our products will somehow reflect that. We do not believe that slamming prices is the way to go. We are a strong and serious brand offering a great (I.m.o. the best) product for a fair price and we like to stay that way. I think you are referring to rates more than prices. We have indeed cut the rates for using data within the EU and offer standard packages including free data to be used abroad. Also we have included calling within the EU (for Dutch rates) as a default service in our calling bundles. We were the first provider company to respond to the (then upcoming) European legislation that stated that users should not be charged high rates for not using their home network. In that way we definitely ARE a rate cutter! I regard this stance as a unique selling point of our company.

2.  Thank you for your feedback on the T-Mobile App. At this moment we do not yet offer a full English version of the App. This is also, as of yet, not in the pipeline. I agree with the fact that if we want to position ourselves as a forerunner in the Dutch market with regard to lower the threshold for using our services abroad, we should aim at an international market and consider our international users among our customers. In this regard we should also offer an English version of our website. As said, at this moment there are no plans for doing that in the near future. I will however bring up this matter within our company with those responsible for the App and website.

3.  T-Mobile USA is, if you ask me, a great and valuable model to shape our services and products after. John Legere and co are doing and achieving great things over there shaking up the market! At this moment T-Mobile NL does offer a huge data package to be used globally (Altijd Wereld Internet) however this focuses on data instead of calling services. As of yet there is no information available if we will integrate calling services into these packages.

4.  T-Mobile does not offer Wi-Fi calling and it is still unclear if we will ever do that. The're is an discussion on this subject on the forum.

5.  T-Mobile will offer voice calling over 4G/LTE (VoLTE) in the fourth quarter of 2016. You will be informed about that when we have integrated this into our 4G service! 😃

6.  I'm sorry to inform you that The Roze Loper App is not available anymore. We stopped with this pilot and it's no longer possible to join this community.

7.  Personally I think your suggestion with regard to offering new and transferring customers to use their temporary mobile phone number is certainly something to consider! I honestly think this is a great idea in which we can stand out from the crowd! At this moment I cannot confirm if Dutch legislation rules allow us to offer people free services as long as they end their contracts with their current provider. So I will definitely put this through to our strategic planners! Thank you.

I hope to have given you some satisfactory responses to your questions and suggestions here. If that is not the case, please let me know. We are happy to help you here! 🙂
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And in the meantime Trajh also posted a lot of information! Thank you! 😉