esim activation abroad (old phone stolen)

  • 8 July 2021
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Hello, I'm on a vacation in Tenerife right now and my phone has been stolen. I've bought a new phone and blocked the old SIM card. I've got an esim but it says I can only active it using my old phone (which is stolen) or going to a shop which is impossible in Tenerife. 
Could you please activate my esim remotely? I can provide my documents or whatever you need. Thank you!


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Good morning @Lex4hex,

This is a customer community. T-Mobile moderators are reading along, and they can help you out. The will reply in your topic, but this may take a short while. I will give them a notch in hope to speed things up for you.

If there is anything I can do, please shout out. For now I wish you a great holiday on Tenerife (slightly jealous).

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Hi @Lex4hex,

Wow, that's a bummer during your holiday! :disappointed_relieved: Nice work on blocking the sim card quickly! Have you checked Find My iPhone or Find My Device to see if you could trace your phone and report this to the local authorities? 

As for the activation of your sim card, we're quite careful with activating new sim cards online since there is quite a lot of fraud going on with this. I'd like to check what is possible in your case, but I can't promise anything. Could you send me a private message via my profile with your phone number, full address, date of birth and last four digits of your bank account info? When I received this info I can then go on and check if there is any possibility to swap your sim card.

Thank you very much, yes, I have a police report and I’ve bricked the iPhone, so good luck to them :) I’ll send you a message with my details.