I can't make phone calls with my new esim

  • 29 November 2021
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Hello, yesterday I bought a esim card in the mobile store in Amsterdam. The assistant helped me activate it and everything seemed to work. But later, when I tried to call a polish number, the automat informed me that this call is not allowed. I can still call using my other, physical SIM card but have to pay for it additionally, so it’s not very convenient. When I call a dutch number, it works just fine. My bundle consist of unlimited phone calls in The Netherlands but also 120 mins to the EU so there shouldn't be a problem. I have no idea what to do and would be thankful for any help :)

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Hello @maja2002 

New subscriptions which are not older than 2 months have the following barrings :

Calling to international numbers, data usage outside the Netherlands, calling to service numbers and using paid sms services.

These barrings will automatically be removed after 2 months 

Ok, thank you for the reply. Is there any way to have those barrings removed earlier or I just have to wait those 2 months?

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You can pay an amount for the barrings to be removed earlier, I think it's around 120 euro. A moderator could give you more information about this.