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  • 20 June 2021
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Hello, I am on vacations in ibiza, and from the moment that I land my phone shows not service, I cannot make calls not even to the customer service and also I don't have internet. I already restart my phone, take off and clean the sim and put it again and nothing, the roaming option is on. I even get the unlimited plan and this service because they said that the service it was in all EU, for now i just can use the wifi from the hotel. I hope you can find a way to solve this issue. 




Erick Mendieta


Beste antwoord door Waqqas 20 June 2021, 10:27

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A new subscription is blocked for roaming for the first two months. Could that be the case?

Also remember that you can use only 25gb per month outside the Netherlands. After that you get an sms warning and a surcharge will apply.


No, I had the subscription since 1 year ago. And I couldn’t use the internet at all when I arrive. The phone just says that does not have any signal at all. I put other SIM card (to see what happens) and I get signal and service so is the SIM card.  

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Hello @Erick Mendieta 

Have you tried to select other telephone providers too? A simple restart of your phone can help aswell.

Have you checked your T-Mobile account on blockages on your side or could it be that you have an unpaid invoice?

Yeah, I already tried with other telephone providers as also the account that I have is one year old. I really do not understand what is the issue here. What is your recommendation as I cannot call the customer service, how I tell T mobile people could help me to fix it?

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@Erick Mendieta 

If you have any unpaid bills from T-Mobile then you need to pay them first, otherwise please wait for a moderator to reply.

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Hi @Erick Mendieta,

Vacation on Ibiza, very nice! Hopefully you’re having a wonderful time over there?

At this moment I can’t check if something is barred on our end, because I don’t have access to your customer information. Have you checked all the suggestions above?

Have you checked the settings on your phone? Is roaming and data enabled on your device? Are you receiving any coverage at all with any provider? Have you checked My T-Mobile for any barrings on your end?

Another possible cause could be, as Waqqas said, an unpaid invoice or a payment arrangement for an invoice (or multiple invoices). If this is the case, then roaming is barred on our end and the only way to fix it would be to pay the invoice(s) or arrangement in full. The barring will then be automatically removed.

Please let us know if any of the answers here are the solution to your issue. For now, all the best on Ibiza! 

Yeah, my payments are in order. I do not get any coverage at all and I already try all that you said. What info do you need for enter to my customer information?

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Hi @Erick Mendieta,

Could you send me a private message with your phone number, full address, date of birth and last four digits of your bank account info? I can then go on and check if something on our end is preventing you on from roaming.