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  • 2 March 2023
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Hi all,

I'm trying to register for the sms chat service with my tmobile number (esim). This service provides sms over internet. Any time i try to do it, i get an error message saying that registration failed. 

Anyone else with this problem? Any solution? 


6 reacties

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Hi @asalerno , welcome to the community.


Can you explain a bit better what the ‘ the sms chat service “ is? You have a webpage link? 

On what stage is the failure occuring, is it expected to send an sms to your number for validation? 

Hi @eric, thanks!

I mean this service:

In the messages settings I see this below:

If I click on the chat settings (private) I get a failure to register

If I click on the chat settings (office) I see this:

The office sim card is from another provider. 


I Hope this helps, thanks again!

Additional info: my wife has t-mobile physical sim and the chat setting works (on a different phone).


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mm, never seen this before. Maybe on your subscription premium sms is blocked? Check in your T-mobile app.


Where can I see it? I have only blocked the ftmsc services, but even enabling those there is no difference.  Do you suggest looking somewhere else?


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Hello @asalerno 

Also tried the possible solutions mentioned here?

Hi Waqqas,

Yes, but no luck. I suspect the esim might be the culprit...

Hello @asalerno 

Also tried the possible solutions mentioned here?