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  • 1 februari 2017
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can you tell me which numbers i have to press when calling, tried it several times to link it to a living person and not automated message, but without success...I don't speak Dutch and don't really understand what they are saying in the automated messages so just guessing the numbers!

3 reacties

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Hi Ismismi,

I understand that you would rather speak someone on the phone especially if you don't speak Dutch. Can you tell me what your question is about? Perhaps I can help you as well. The numbers that you have to press vary and therefore I can't give you the specific number without knowing what your question is.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.
it is about the bill that has gone over €450 for internet use while I was in Japan, despite the fact that I have never used internet without wifi. On the verbruikstatus, it appeared that I used internet on the 11th January at 10:57, which is ridiculous as I know exactly where I was and what I was doing, because I had my head into an MRI machine to check for tumour....! no chance I could've used my phone!
I was told they'd contact me in 7 working days but it's been 2weeks since I first contacted (via online chat).
I just need to know how I can discuss with a living human on the phone, because knowing this would be useful if similar case arises in the future. Trying to get someone online is such a daunting task especially since my internet is very patchy.
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Hey Ismismi,

Sorry to hear about your health situation. Hopefully all is well.

My colleagues are currently looking into your case. I'm sorry this is taking longer than expected. My colleagues will contact you once they have more information.

Sorry for the inconvenience!