Getting charged incorrectly multiple times

  • 2 september 2020
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I am charged 130 Euros for some unknown service last month. Shockingly, some unknown service is charging 5 Euros frequently multiple times. This months is also showing some 75 Euros already to be charged.

This is insane. I have never subscribe to any such service. Or never entered OTP on any unknown service.

How some unknown service is able to charge me through Tmobile?

I expect refund of 130 Euros for last month, and request you to not charge 75 Euros which is about to be charged in my next invoice.



Beste antwoord door Waqqas 2 september 2020, 22:28

Hello @kishorborate 

Please have a look in this topic, you'll find some usefull information.

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Hello @kishorborate 

Please have a look in this topic, you'll find some usefull information.

I have blocked everything possible from tmobile application now.

But it is so unsafe to use tmobile network. Can’t imagine tmobile allows scammers to charge user just by hiding malicious links somewhere on the internet. 

I don’t remember clicking on any link with any payment warning / or information. I would have never allowed any unknown sites to charge 5Euros multiple times a week.

Shouldn’t tmobile have some strict policies about charging the user?

Highly disappointed! Really expect refund from tmobile in this case.

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Good that you blocked everything in the app and did you stop the subscription via Payinfo?

In the topic mentioned above you'll find a form in the comments, you can fill the form and send it to T-Mobile and hopefully you'll get a refund.

I think it's not just T-Mobile, every provider has to deal with this. Just be alert and block these services in the app. Those kind of company's can subscribe you to a subscription just via a sms.

Yes, i request cancellation from payinfo. 

Thanks for the form link Waqqas. Where should I submit this form? Can it be done online?