Other extra costs without my knowledge and approval

  • 26 augustus 2019
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Hi team,

I have a complain regarding to the extra costs that i have paid in the month of july and going to pay for the current month(august) again. Its is about the extra costs because my Son (5 years old) have accidently purchased some games at "Mr Potato Gameplaneet". First of all i never approved this that i will be buying and paying such stuff from internet and second there is no such way that parents are informed about this. We can only came to know when its done. Now i have a request to the t mobile team to make this more transparent and please help me if i can get my money back. I really appreciate your feedback for this.

Best regards,


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Ho @khaver

When using your phone T-Mobile assumes you are the current user and not your 5 year old son. That means they are not responsible for purchases you agreed too by letting your son play games.

The good news is that you can easily block such purchases in the future by going to https://www.t-mobile.nl/my/abonnement-en-instellingen section Blokkades, Betalen via je T-Mobile factuur where you can block all payments via your T-Mobile subscription.

Kind regards, Folkert
Hi Folkert,

Thank you for your reply. You are right about this that kids are not the users T-Mobile assumes but there must be some check and control when this happens accidently or by purpose. As humans we all make mistakes. The message i am trying to convey is:

  1. This is not transparent and is not clearly communicated with the users.
  2. This option paying with your monthly contract should not be a default option "On" . Clients should given a choice to decide if they want to go with this option or not. It is of vain when its done and we come to know about this at later stage.
Can you please look at this request again to help me further with these wrong money transactions (for one game again and again).

Best regards,


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Hi Khaver,

No worries! If you don't agree with the costs, you can fill in this online meldingsformulier. We will investigate the costs and refund them if neccessary! In most cases we will. 🙂

Also I recommend you to block the ftmsc services like Folkert suggested.

If you have any further questions, please let us know!
Thank you very much Jaimy!

I have filled the form and also block the ftmsc services 🙂

Best regards,