Trying to get my German bank account on my account

  • 26 januari 2020
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I have been trying for several months now to change a bank account on a Dutch account to a German account. Tmobile is in affect refusing to this. I have gone into the store in Haarlem multiple times to ask for this to be done and they say it can not be done. I have called Customer Service to have it done and they say only the billing department can do it. I talk to the billing department to have it done they say they can do it but it will take 10 days to process. Several months later and it still has  n't been done. I continue to get the run around on this and am told to be patient and it will get done. Well it has been months now! I am tired or waiting! 



Merchants or employers who do not accept IBANs from other member states of the European Economic Area are violating European law as of 1 February 2016 (Article 9 of  Regulation No 260/2012 (new tab) ). 


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Hi @TMNLCustomer 

I have send you a private message. 

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Hi @TMNLCustomer 

I have send you a private message.