Cancelation of my existing contract

  • 19 maart 2021
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G 'day folks. As sad as it sounds, I'm leaving NL next month, around mid-late April  for good, due to this covid and how jobmarkets are fucked . However, I have those existing contract that 's due until 31st October 2021 (as what my app says). Since i ”m leaving for a while, I'm also canceling my bank account, so I 'd love to hear more from you on what I can possibly do and all. From reading other posts, I found out

  1. I 'll be charged with some money
  2. It will be charged in my last invoice. SO like invoice in April or not?
  3. Will my number and all still valid til APril though?

Thanks in advance,



Beste antwoord door Hajar 20 maart 2021, 14:03

Ofcourse! Just let us know when you are ready!

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Hello @sunlight6765 

Sad to hear you have to leave. Please wait for a moderators response, they can cancel your contract. You have to pay the number of remaining months until October 31st times €13,50 (the lowest possible rate). You can ask to transfer the number to prepaid in case you still need the phonenumber for a while.

There is an exception however, if you move to a country where T-Mobile is active costs maybe less if you can prove you got a new T-Mobile contract overthere.

Kind regards, Folkert 

Thanks for your reply @Folkert! Yes, indeed I’ll wait until the moderator shows up, but still, your help is much appreciated! 

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Hi @sunlight6765 

Sad to see you leave, but we understand. Are you moving to a country where T-Mobile operates? These are the countries where T-Mobile operates: Germany, Hungary, Croatia,  Montenegro, North-Macedonia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech republic or the United States. If you have a T-Mobile subscription in one of those countries, your Dutch contract will be terminated for free. But you have to have a contract there first. After that, all you have to do is send us your files to you can also ask for further information if you e-mail that address.

If this is not the case you will have the option to buy off you contract. You will pay for the remaining months and keep in mind there is a month notice which means your contract will be terminated next month. You will receive a final invoice for the termination fee. 

Please let me know what you wan to do and I will gladly help you with your request. 

Actually, with what’s going on now, I might be staying here for a month longer or so, is it fine if I reach out to you guys again by then?\



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Ofcourse! Just let us know when you are ready!

Thank you Hajar. Should I just comment here at that time or create a new thread?


Also, have a nice weekend!

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Hi @sunlight6765 

You can comment here. Have a good day!