Mobile data under 10Mbps - Haarlem

  • 24 juni 2020
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Hi there, from 3 days now week I’ve been experiencing very low speed of my mobile data connection. There are continuous interruptions, and right now I see via speedtest.net (I have the hotspot function enabled) the download speed is 6/7Mb and upload is 16/17Mb.
Twice this morning, the result of the test gave me 0Mb in upload. 

3 reacties

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Hello @Gherardo 

Are you experiencing this issue only on 1 location or everywhere? You can also try testing your speed with the hotspot function disabled.

You also may want to check the dekkingskaart to see if there is a local issue and if yes then you can report it.


You could also place your simcard in another phone to see if that improves your speed or not.

Thanks! I don’t see any local issues. I’m working from home so I have experience of the issue only in this location. I see my address is between two cells, but everything was smooth last Sunday.
I recently updated my smartphone’s system. Can the issue be related to this? 

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You can find that out by testing your simcard in another phone.

If that doesn't help you can report this on the dekkingskaart and then the network experts will have a look at the cell towers and contact you within 10 working days.