Why is my mobile internet so slow?

  • 31 juli 2020
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I've subscribed the unlimited internet service, 36 euros/month. But I found this service is not quite stable. Sometimes the internet is so slow that I can not watch youtube with the lowest quality. I have to wait for the buffering for a long time. Such bad experience happens frequently. I checked my daily limit and I am far from my 5Gb daily limit. It is my first week using the plan and I am deeply disappointed. I hope T-Mobile can make it up.

I don't know what to do with such bad network. I don't want to suffer from it for the following 12 months.

Adriano Fonseca

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I received my sim card last week. So obviously is not a SIM card issue.

I installed speed test in my phone check how ridiculous slow this is…




And as you can see I didn't achieved my daily limit (most of it was testing speed today).





The advertisement said the best/fast internet in the Netherlands I am wondering how the worst would look like...

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Hello @afonseca 

I would advice you to use the 4G network for now if it is faster. 5G is not yet at it's best.

There's no doubt that T-Mobile is very fast and reliable but 5G is still in it's beginning face.

@Waqqas so I did the results are pretty much the same (I restarted my cellphone after moving to 4G)



I hope you folks can do something about. I never saw numbers like this not even with my old provider using 3G.

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That doesn't look great.

I think there could be an issue with a local cell tower or maybe your simcard.

When moving to other locations do you have the same results or only at the location you are at now?

Please have a look on this website, you can make a complain there also.


Also try using a different phone with your T-Mobile simcard to see if it could be a problem with your phone or sim.