Region limit for T-Mobile app

At some point in the last few weeks, the T-Mobile app has become limited to users whose iOS App Store account is located in the Netherlands.

The app deleted itself from my phone and now can no longer be installed.

I cannot change my App Store location because of the bank account used to fund it, and because of some government apps that depend on its current location setting.

However there seems to be no reason for this sudden limitation on the T-Mobile app.

Is anyone aware of the change, why it was made, and whether it can be restored to its previous situation?

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Hi Hamcocks,

I'm not aware of this change. Do you have the latest software update? If not can you please update it. Can you send us a screenshot of the error? I will send it to the app developers and ask them for a solution.

Looking forward to your reply.
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I just (re)-checked the iOS app store.
The current software release is: version 5.2.14 it was released 1 day ago.
First I go to t-mobile.nl, then I find the "My T-Mobile App" section, then I tap on the App Store button, then the phone says "Open in App Store? Cancel/Open", then I tap "Open", then I get this message:

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I tried to re-produce your error, but to me on either my iMac and iPhone the app is available.
Can you make sure, that you are using the Netherlands as your (current) country or region?