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  • 5 oktober 2020
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Good morning,

I’ve been trying to call the customer service number for a couple of days now without any luck. I would like to terminate my contract/subscription because I need to leave the country soon. Could someone please assist me further with this. Thank you! 

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Hello @RAAFL 

Is this regarding a mobile subscription?

If you are moving to a country where T-Mobile is active then you can subscribe there and terminate your contract for free here.

    If you move abroad, you can choose to keep your T-Mobile subscription. Are you moving to a country where T-Mobile is active? Then you can switch if you move to: Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic or the United States. You can also switch to provider EE (Everything Everywhere) in the United Kingdom. Contact us for more information. 

Otherwise you'll have to pay €13,50 × the remaining months to terminate your contract. Keep in mind that there is a one month cancellation period.

When your contract period has allready ended than you'll only pay for your final invoice.

Wait for a moderator to reply, they can arrange the cancellation for you.



Thanks for your reply. I’m unfortunately moving to Canada where T-Mobile is not available to my knowledge, so I guess I’ll have to pay for the termination. I also have to pay tor the remaining amount of my device, which I would also like to be helped with. 

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Happy to help! How unfortunate that you want to leave us, but a understandable choice! I've arranged this for you, your contract ends on the 5th of November 2020, as you have a month cancellation term. The termination fee sums up to €594.12,- ( remaining months+device) and will be charged on your final invoice. 

Please let me know if you agree with this, so I can organize it for you right away!

Hi Evy, 

Thank you for reply. I agree with it, have a nice day! 😊

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All done @RAAFL ! :smile: