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  • 29 augustus 2019
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I got my official number transferred on my name to continue using it when I left my job. T-mobile was supposed to charge a fix amount for that bundle and with restriction applicable to other services.
Now they reduced the services, unlocked all services and started charging for each and everting. I see no way to fine a compain in english, neither ther customer care support english lanaguage.
I am helpless. Being overcharged and cannot file a complain.
I had to ask for the amount I had paid for them for invoice as it was to high.

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Hi Shailendra,

I can see you alreasy spoke to my colleague and he sent you an email with the adress to which you can send your complaint. We indeed do not block FTMSC-services on your account. You can do this yourself via My T-Mobile, so you won't have these extra costs in the future anymore. For the GB and the 120 minutes, you pay indeed a fixed price. When the bundle is all used, you can choose a MB-aanvuller to add new MBs, or choose a bundle with more MBs.

Hope this will help!