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  • 20 december 2018
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I have a big question that makes me feel very disturbed.

Im from Scandinavia and I have now for 3 days trying to start an subscription with t mobile with an iPhone.

All works good until then see that I don't have a dutch passport or residence permit.
Something that according to both gemente and the IND.NL is not needed. And that ALL Phone companies are aware of this, they are informed.
As already since 2014 is this not needed.

Due to me not having any of these can I not get a subscription. Because im not dutch? I have to pay to get a residence permit when I don't need it for anything els here in this country?

T mobile says this is because people sign up on subscription and leave the country with the phones and don't pay ever again, they disappear. Sorry but this story can't hold up. What because some maffia persons in this city do this?Thats why im not able to get one?

When you try this online the system and the persons say very different things.
Its like they have this rule to be able to banish the people they want.

To be honest all phone companies Ive bought simcard from in Amsterdam end up with that people are calling me asking for someone els. So its like they are selling old persons cards, hopefully not phones to.

I don't understand this rule what so ever.

I live here
Am registered
Get salary from my job
And my passport is something you can search anywhere I would go if I decide o be idiotic and steal your phone and never come back...

Its 2018, you can find me.

Please explain. I will be phone less during my living im holland ulless I go and pay for residence permit that I don't even need.

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