T-Mobile IND sticker

  • 20 januari 2016
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Hi Pavlin,

I have asked the technical specialist to look into your problem. They will call you with a solution.

Will you keep me posted?
The problem was fixed.
Thanks again! 🙂
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HI Pavlin,

I'm glad it's solved! Thank you for the update. 😉
Good evening. I found this thread by searching google, so I will leave a message here, hoping it will help others as well.

As an EU expat, T-mobile rejects my request to get a contract by saying: Your EU passport is not enough proof (No IND sticker, as that is no longer something IND provides)

As an expat I did buy a house with my passport and work contract. I believe we should be able to get a phone + sim contract based on those two. I would really appreciate getting some help and finding a way to get my desired phone subscription.

I also hope other expats will find this thread so I will throw in a few keywords for the search engine, expat, eu, citizen, passport, t-mobile, nl, refused, denied.
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Hi Dan Ursu,

I have answered your private message. I hope the information I provided you with was sufficient enough. 🙂
Dear Hajar and T-Mobile Staff

It would be nice to have the answer to this thread visible and not in private.

So oi and others would know, if possible at this point, how to get a T-mobile contract.

Thanks in advance

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Hey Ballotta,

I would love to inform you more about the possibilities regarding this situation. The fact at this point is that if you have a foreign/EU passport or ID card, there will be restrictions regarding subscriptions with a monthly payment for a phone. If you have any of the aforementioned identifications, you can choose PrePaid or a Sim Only subscription. With the Sim Only, there is the possibility to pay a phone upfront. A monthly payment is not possible.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask us, we are always here to help! 😃