My phone is malfunctioning, what now ?

  • 11 maart 2013
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Hello there,

for the past two months my phone has been malfunctionning. Wireless connection seemed to have gone wrong. i can hardly connect to any wireless routers and even when i connect i barely get one signal strength. when the phone was new i could use wireless everywhere in the house without any issues and for the past few months this is not the case. i have to sit next to the router to be able to connect to it.

Due to this my data connection has gone out of the bundle and resulted in additonal charges.

I am using a HTC ONE X and i suspect that the WIFI antenna is not functioning well. I have tried to reset the phone and still no success. 

What should i do now ?



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This is a bad situation. I can see that you have tried everything you can to solve this problem. I think there is something wrong with the antenna to. What I can do for you is, send your HTC ONE X to the repair center. Could you send a private massage with the IMEI-number of your phone? I will setup a case for you. Just FYI, you will have to do 2 weeks without your phone. 🙂