same number as someone else picks up

  • 16 september 2019
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Hi, I have had the same phone number with Tmobile for over 10years, but recently when people call me, someone else picks up. This is both for phone calls and video calls through facetime.
I saw in a similar post 6months ago that you referred the person to a network specialist.
Please let me know what it is or how this can stop?

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Hello Maraa10,

Welcome to the forum.

As you mention FaceTime, I assume you have an iPhone.
If one uses the same iCloud account on multiple iPhones, iPads and iMacs/MacBooks, all phone/video calls will go to these devices. It's a feature called continuity. See this Apple forum post for more information.

As you say, someone else picks up, I assume you don't know this person.
Then there are 3 possibilities:

1 - you sold an iPhone/iPhad/iMac/MacBook recently and did not remove your iCloud account
2 - someone added your telephone number to his/hers iCloud account.
3 - someone knows your iCloud account and is using it without your permission, or you got hacked.

Say if you recently sold your old iPhone to me, but did not remove your iCloud account and I would just put a SIM card in it.. I would also get your phone/video calls.

You can see all devices associated with your Apple ID on your Apple ID page. You can login here. If there are any devices you don't longer use, you can remove them there.

One can add more than one telephone number to an iCloud account. For iMessage a telephone number is nothing more than an address, just like an e-mail address. If this is the case, this person needed to have access to your device as you have to approve such a request.

If I would know the details from your iCloud account, I could use it to activate an iDevice. This device would then appear on your Apple ID page. You can remove it there. Don't forget to also change your iCloud password!! And please don't use things one can easy guess like the names of your children/pets, your favorite singer, month+year, birthdates etc... (sorry, I'm a SystemAdmin, I can't help myself...)

One could say that there is a fourth option, a routing mistake in the network of T-mobile. As you mention FaceTime, this is highly unlikely. FaceTime works independently from the SIM. That is why it also works if you only have WiFi (like on an iPad).

So, in short, logon to your Apple ID page, remove any unknown devices. If you suspect anyone else knows your iCloud ID, change your password.