Vigor 2132F login credential

  • 7 september 2017
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Hi all,

i am trying to log into the router but using the credential admin/admin are wrong. Do you know how i can login or reset the password?

Thanks and regards

Beste antwoord door giannim85 7 september 2017, 16:46

I solved. My flatmate changed password. Thanks anyway
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Greetings Giovanni.

That's because the admin/admin login credential are reserved to the provider. Try logging in as user/user instead.

If that doesn't work, check the back of the device to see if there's any sticker on it with login credentials.

Let us know if this works for you! :)

Kind regards,

thanks for your answer but it doesn't work and there is any sticker with the credentials to login. anyway to reset the password?
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I'm not familiar with the device, but there should be a (factory) reset button somewhere on the device. You most likely have to use something like a pin or paperclip to press the reset button for about 10 seconds which resets the device into factory mode.

Just so you know! All settings that were custom set by you or someone will be reset to default. Also make sure to reset the device while its powered on.

I solved. My flatmate changed password. Thanks anyway